The Tower of London Collection

The Royal Family has an expensive collection of jewels and priceless artifacts. Some of the collection is stored in The Tower of London. But not all of the Royal collection in The Tower is beautiful and shiny.

For instance, King Edward the VII loved his dog Caesar so much that when he passed away he had little Caesar stuffed. His body is immortalize in The Tower.

A second strange item is the sword that beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn. King Henry VIII, accused Queen Anne of adultery and she could not produce a male heir for the King. In 1536 the King had her imprisoned and a court trial found the Queen guilty. An expert swordsman conducted the beheading. The sword is stored away in the Tower.

The final bizarre item in this segment deals with a infamous pirate during the golden age of piracy. Blackbeard and Lieutenant Robert Maynard fought off the shores at Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. Lieutenant Maynard defeated Blackbeard and chopped off the pirates head. King George I wanted his head to be brought back to England and is stored in a glass jar filled with preservatives.


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